Why would you buy from anyone else?

As one of the oldest standing family owned and Veteran owned tool and machinery businesses in the United States of America we've been a proud partner to industrial education for nearly a century by providing tools and machinery to colleges, vocational schools, and local school districts around the country. We can't forget about all of the generational contractors and municipalities that have called Ornamental a partner over the years. Based on pride alone we always do our very best to provide American Made products first. We carry more items than you could ever think of from many professional grade brands including a few exclusive lines. Our catalog includes: power/hand tools, woodworking equipment, metal working machinery, cutting tools, abrasives, mechanics tools, tool boxes, breakers, benders, bits, blades, and we have some oldie goodie inventory. You'll have to come down to the store to learn more about our old stock. Did I mention we provide service/maintenance for all tools purchased directly from us?

  • Apply for a Business Account

    Buy from us and we will work hard to provide you with the RIGHT quality tools, machinery, and supplies for your job site and on-site educational needs. We treat customers like friends—not just people who need to buy something from us. Apply for an account with us and you'll always deal with a live person on the other end. We don't believe in automated phones but we are committing to technology that will make it easier and safer to buy from us.

  • Buy New, Used, or Factory Reconditioned

    We either have/have the understanding and ability to source almost any tool under the sun. If at all possible we'd like to save you money by taking advantage of used machinery, factory reconditioned with warranty, and/or any trade in deals we offer though our various brands thoughout the year. Maybe it's your lucky day and Greg offers to rebuild one of our old machines taken in on trade from schools and businesses over the years. If we like you we may even let you lock in prices on larger items with layaway options.

  • Expert Service and Maintenance

    We'll admit it because we lived it. Unlike our spirit most things just aren't made like they used to be. If you buy from us, then you know there aren't many folks left out there that can do what we do. We'd prefer to keep the American Made tools and machinery running. Well save you thousands by keeping that golden age machinery running just like it did when our grandfathers first heard the motor hum. Don't worry we can fix the new stuff too. If Greg can't fix it your probably SOL anyway.

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Air Tools

Air Tools

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Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

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American Made Byrd helical cutter head. Quiet with a beautiful finish.